CLERK: Mrs G Taylor. Correspondence to 2 Leconfield, Seamer, Stokesley,
Middlesbrough, TS9 5PP. Tel. 01642 711250.

Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 16 March, 2021

Public notice of the meeting has been given in accordance with Schedule 12, paragraph 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972. The latest Police Report was noted and was circulated by the Chairman.
Due to the Covid-19 restrictions and no venue being available to host the meeting, business was conducted either by personal contact or by email.
Open Forum
For the reasons noted above, no Open Forum was possible.
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19 January, 2021 were confirmed as a true record by Councillor Paul Chapman and seconded by Councillor Doug Forrest.
Scott Brothers; Graham’s Engineers, Stokesley Road, Seamer. TS9 5LW: Demolition of existing industrial building and the erection of one dwelling, together with the conversion of existing smithy into a dwelling, all with associated landscaping and external works. Amended application. No Objection
Connor; Hawthorns, Tame Bridge: Change of use of grazing land to provide 23 log cabins and 4 glamping pods, together with associated parking, spine road and private pumping station. No Objection
Mr Nathan Briggs, Greenhow; Seamer: Refurbishment and extension to the existing dwelling (with too many aspects to note). No Objection
Mr & Mrs Egan, Fern Bank; 1, Stainton Road, Seamer: Hip to gable loft conversion and raising the ridge height and dormers to east elevation. No Objection
Cook, Springwell Nurseries, Stainton Road. TS9 5NA. Revised application for outline planning permission with all matters reserved for the creation of 12 residential dwellings. Objection
Mr Marriott; Green Acres, Hilton Road, Seamer: Convert existing garage into self-contained annex. No Objection 
Noble Foods Ltd; Seamer Hill: Full planning permission for the below ground installation of a 3000-litre settlement tank, 10,000 litre oil/water separator and above ground 15,000 litre waste water tank plus minor surface water drainage improvements including replacement hard-standing. No Objection
Willow Cottage, 26 Hilton Road, Seamer: Part demolition of existing garage to allow for single-storey side extension and construction of a detached single storey garage to the garden area at front of the dwelling house. No Objection
a) Village maintenance – relevant updates and future developments
i) Flooding: Tame Bridge – update from Councillor P Chapman. Councillor Chapman and County Councillor Bryn Griffiths arranged to meet the NYCC Drainage Engineer to assess the situation and investigate a possible solution.
Contact has been made with the Environmental Agency who have undertaken to remove debris blocking the River Tame which might help to alleviate the issue. The situation is ongoing and Councillor Chapman will provide updates.
ii) Litter picks – a group of volunteers from the village have undertaken litter picks along Holme Lane, Stokesley Road, Stainton Road and Tanton Road. Thanks were give to those volunteers involved.
iii) Wildflower Havens – preparation work has commenced in Tame Bridge and Tanton Road for sowing the seeds for the Wildflower Havens, partly financed by a grant from the MAD Fund. It was found that the proposed Tanton Road site is unsuitable due to the ground being waterlogged and due to it being a ‘soakaway’, is unlikely to be suitable for a wildflower site. Two smaller alternative areas will now be prepared on the main village green.
b) i) Community Speed Watch: suspended. It is expected that the CSW will resume after 12 April. 
ii) VAS scheme: suspended. A meeting of representatives involved in the scheme will be convened as soon as possible once restrictions are lifted.
c) Seamer Parish Community Fund. An application was made to renew the adult and child pads on the Defibrillator. Cost: £150 + VAT. This was granted and the pads have now been received.
d) Village Hall Committee update/Risk Assessment/Constitution (c/fwd from 01/19)/Annual accounts. Councillor Mark Murphy reported that the Memorial Hall Committee meetings are still suspended. The Hall cannot be reopened at present. As soon as meetings can resume, an AGM will take place including a financial report and future proposals for spending will be agreed. At present, minor items are being discussed by phone or email. Annual accounts for 2019 have not yet been ratified. A revised Constitution is awaited.
e) Hillfield Close Traveller Site – The site continues to be monitored on a regular basis by the Parish Council and the HDC Waste Manager, Mr G Brown. It has been agreed with Horton Housing that they would visit the site twice weekly to ensure that bins and bin store are kept tidy. However, tipping over the embankments bordering the site has occurred and been reported to Horton Housing. Clearance is awaited.
f) Bank Top/Top Green – The contractor has been contacted and work is likely to start after Easter. He has also been asked by the Parish Council to do some renovation work on the tracks on the Top Green.
The Chairman spoke to the builders renovating one of the properties on Bank Top regarding a skip which needed to be removed. He was assured that this would be done in time for remedial work to begin on the footpath.
g) Local government reorganisation – A survey was received and passed on to Parish Councillors and other interested parties for their response. Seamer Parish Council needs to make a response and Councillors views will be sought.
h) Seamer Parish Council membership/Appointment of new Clerk – Due to the relocation of the Chairman and Parish Clerk, it will be necessary to appoint a new Chairman, Parish Councillor and Parish Clerk. As none of the present Councillors wish to take on the role of Chairman, it might be necessary for the Chairing of meetings to be held on a rotational basis. If this were to occur, the role of the Parish Clerk would be of the utmost importance, and it may also be that the job specification outlined in the advert (now placed in the Parish Noticeboards) might need to be altered. The present payment of expenses might need to change to a salaried post to reflect a new job description.
White Rose weekly updates NALC Chief Executive’s bulletin HDC regular updates Community First rural news YLCA advice PCC election: May NYCC Chief Executive weekly bulletin
To be noted: In order to purchase the seed for the Wildflower Havens, £1070 was paid by the Community Fund. This money will be repaid once we received the MAD Funding grant (it will also help us recoup the VAT).
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