For 80 plus years, the Seamer Methodist Chapel Carol Singers have always been well received and a hearty supper has been provided for the 2 nights.

In living memory, it was Peggy Bainbridge and Molly Cook providing the supper. Jean Bainbridge then took over, welcoming the carol singers at Greystones.  What a marvellous spread and time we all had, creating lots of memories.  THANK YOU.

Pauline Forrest took over from Jean Bainbridge about 20 years ago, catering for the carol singers in the chapel.  Before the invention of slow cookers, Pauline could be seen carrying hot pans of soup and wheeling a shopping trolley full of hot jacket potatoes to the chapel.  If anything ever happened en route, Pauline would be the only person to ever be found scolded in the snow!

As the years went on Angela gave a welcome helping hand. Angela was older and so too was Pauline! Angela became the lead about 10 years ago providing a greater variety of food to encourage carol singers of all ages. We funded the refreshments ourselves and gave it away freely.

Over the years, a few issues have arisen. Therefore, with a heavy heart, it is with great sadness that we are hanging up our aprons. Perhaps from this, a new tradition can evolve whereby the carol singers supper becomes a bring and share.

Or perhaps someone will pick up our aprons?

Pauline and Angela Forrest



[Editor and Methodist Church Member: can I publicly, on behalf of the Carol Singers and the Methodist Church, thank both Angela and Pauline for the wonderful food they have provided  for us over the years. You will be sorely missed by everyone , not just for the food, but for the way you have selflessly prepared and served us when we return from our singing. Carol singing will not be the same! We wish you all the best for the future.]

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