Chairman’s Annual Report to Seamer Parish Council 2020/2021

The effects of the pandemic continued through the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. During this time the Parish Council only managed one face-to-face meeting, with the rest of the meetings conducted via email and telephone. Hopefully the May Annual Parish Meeting and monthly meeting will be the start of a return to the normal pattern of Parish Council meetings. Parish business has continued, but to a lesser degree than is usual. The resurfacing of the roadways around the Top Green was finally completed in July 2020 and planning permission was obtained to allow road and pavement repairs on Bank Top. At the request of residents of Seamer Hill, two gateways were installed (to a different design to those in Seamer and Tame Bridge). The wildflower havens (grant from HDC MAD fund) have now been prepared and are ready for seeding.

Over the course of the year, the Parish Council has supported the majority of planning applications within the parish boundary. An important criterion for the Parish Council is to support appropriate development for the parish that is sympathetic to the parish aesthetics. Despite enforced interruptions, the Community Speed Watch team continues to undertake regular deployments on Hilton Road. I am very grateful to the dedicated team of volunteers who regularly turn out to support this initiative. It would be good to see more members of the local community participating in this activity for the benefit of the whole village. The contractor, Philip Wood continues to do a good job in keeping our greens and verges looking neat and tidy and his efforts have been much appreciated by the villagers. We will continue to try and ensure the village remains a pleasing and attractive place to live. Steve Burton, the parish gardener, (funded by the Community Fund), continues to work hard on maintaining the flower tubs, sign gardens and the Village Hall garden, as well as assisting with bulb planting.

The involvement of a group of residents who help remove litter and rubbish within the village is appreciated and also to Hambleton District Council for regularly collecting this for us. The Traveller site on Stokesley Road has yet again continued to cause concern and a great deal of time has been spent communicating with Horton Housing and liaising with Hambleton District Council in order to keep on top of rubbish clearance at the site. Gary Brown of HDC has worked tirelessly on our behalf, the result of which is that there is a vastly improved and tidier site. We continue to monitor the Traveller site and fly tipping within the parish boundary. The help of residents is appreciated in highlighting areas that might need attention. Over the course of the year, time has also been devoted to dealing with various issues and suggestions made by local residents. Regular reports about the work of the Parish Council are placed in the Grapevine magazine, the noticeboards and on the village website. These are also regularly updated.

This year’s Christmas tree was again funded by Walter Pattison MBE and grateful thanks are given for his generosity.

May I thank my fellow Parish Councillors for their time, work and interest they give to issues in Seamer and Tame Bridge and for the support, advice and interest shown by our District Councillor and County Council representatives. Thanks also to Gillian, our Parish Clerk for her hard work to ensure the Parish Council functions efficiently. She also has clerical responsibility for the Community Fund and ensures that residents are kept well informed about activity from both the Parish Council and Community Fund.

I would like to record my grateful thanks to Councillor Doug Forrest, who is stepping down at this year’s Annual Parish Meeting. Doug has worked tirelessly on behalf of the parish and his advice, good counsel and unstinting support, as well as being a fount of local knowledge, has been invaluable over 13 years of dedicated service.

Our Parish Clerk is also standing down at this meeting after 10 years of voluntary service. I would like to thank Gillian for the high standards she has maintained in all aspects of the wideranging role of Parish Clerk. Of special mention is the high-quality pictorial record produced to show the work of the Parish Council and the benefits of the Community Fund.

I would like to welcome Maureen Marshall from Tame Bridge to the Parish Council and trust she will find the role interesting and rewarding.

Due to moving house and leaving the area later this year, I am also standing down as a Parish Councillor, having served for 18 years. Therefore, this report will be my last as Chairman, this position having been held since 2008. May I extend my good wishes to the Parish Council and trust that it will continue to thrive in the future.

Philip R Taylor (Chairman)

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