Chick Watch!

Many residents will have noticed that the pair of Coots on the village pond in Seamer have welcomed eight little chicks to their family. The first chicks were hatched on 20th April and have generated a lot of interest! Those of us walking past each day are taking notice of their progress, with the next couple of weeks being crucial to their survival. So do look out for the Excellent Seamer Eight as you take your daily exercise and we will try and keep the photos coming as the Coot Chicks grow!


Pond Update – Friday

The chicks continue to do well and are attracting a lot of interest from passers-by. Residents may have noticed that there is a lot of pond-algae on the surface of the pond, so today, a bale of barley straw was put into the pond to inhibit the growth of the pond-algae. Thanks to Robert Campbell for donating the barley straw.  

Parish Clerk

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