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Criminals are cold calling the elderly. Posing as good Samaritans they offer to buy them supplies so that they do not have to venture out to shop for essentials and risking contracting the corona-virus, police say.

Heartless criminals have been doing the rounds in Stokesley saying they’ll buy vulnerable people shopping – if they give them cash.

con to defraud pensioners out of money.

Stokesley Police posted on Facebook: “It has become apparent over the last 24 hours that individuals are exploiting the good community networks being created following the current coronavirus situation.

“Communities are coming together with various projects to try and support the elderly and vulnerable in our communities who may be self isolating or struggling to get out to obtain shopping and provisions.

“Sadly we are getting reports of suspicious persons cold calling the elderly and vulnerable and offering to get shopping for them asking them to hand over cash to buy such items.

“Should anyone get such a call please do not engage and politely close the door. Only engage with trusted people you know and certainly don’t hand over cash, credit cards, cheque books or let people into your home.”

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