Dealing with Rubbish & scuppering those myths!

An insight into waste collection and disposal at Hambleton District Council.


Our District Councillor and Hambleton District Council have the following message and information for us as we move into 2019. District Councillor Bridget Fortune says: ‘Happy New Year to the residents of Seamer. I hope that all you asked for arrived safely and that you had a good holiday. It’s back to work for many however, for some, the holiday period was a time of some excess. I would like to clear a few of the myths that seem to circulate after holiday times, particularly when dustbins are overflowing and waste is evident for a day or two until all the rotas get back on track. Best wishes and a ‘tidy’ new year.’

Information note 1: the myth ‘The Council sends waste to landfill’. This is not the case…all waste collected via the black bins are taken from the roadside; this disposal includes the extra ‘paid for’ collections by prior arrangement. It is disposed of by our partner NYCC at Allerton Park, where some materials are recovered and where possible, recycled. The remainder then goes to ‘Energy from Waste’ where it is incinerated, producing energy that is fed into the National Grid.

Information note 2: items left on a main road near a property could be collected by a passer-by, but as has happened elsewhere, there is a real risk of unwanted attention from chancers, looking to see if there is ‘anything else on view’ and usually after dark or when no-one is about, that can be ‘re-homed’. It is always best to arrange an additional ‘paid for’ collection so that large or additional items are taken away safely. It stops chancers and prevents fly-tipping. Collection of additional waste items should be left inside your own grounds (for example, at the end of your drive or house path) and should not be left on the public highway. The fact is that the only permissible items that can be left on the kerbside are the black/black-blue and green waste bins, ready for the planned kerbside collections. The only exception to this is if your house/grounds have additional security such as locked or electronic gates. Once you have a confirmed date and time for collection from the Council, you can leave your item/s outside your property on that day only, ready for collection by the operatives. Collection crews will not enter people’s homes or properties to remove items. They cannot be insured for any loss incurred such as damage to walls, paths or cars.

Information note 3: People ask about fruit/cut flowers/eggs etc… The facts are that the Council procedure is that nothing should be left on the public highway or on flower tubs. However, unless there was a public health issue, HDC would be unlikely to be involved.

Information note 4: Litter picking. Everyone can play a part in keeping their area free of litter etc… and helping out others who are having mobility problems. To me this is being a good neighbour. The Parish Council are always grateful to residents who undertake litter picking; regular working parties also assist with this. HDC do provide litter picks and hi-viz equipment for use by the public; do contact them should you wish to obtain these items.

Information note 5: Help and advice. All calls to Hambleton DC are recorded for evidence of requests or complaint. Our staff at HDC will help if asked and guidance offered to ensure smooth operations. Of course, co-operation is a large part of the service and is a two-way thing. It really helps to be helpful. Thank you.

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