In times such as these a community can really show its worth and help its’ more vulnerable members.

If you know your neighbours, you may know if they have age or health related problems which place them in a high risk group for this corona virus. If you don’t know them you could perhaps use this opportunity to introduce yourself, at a safe distance naturally. 

I will attach an image and make it printable of a note to put through the door of anyone who you think may need some help. This note was shared online for just such a purpose it was made by Becky Wass, from Falmouth, Cornwall. (right click and select “save image as”) or click this link to open the image in a new tab and then print

Anyone wanting to help can offer assistance in collecting shopping or prescriptions. Perhaps just let them know you are there in case they need help in any way now families and health professionals will be making less frequent visits to them.

In a time when everything seems to shutting down now is perhaps a good time to reach out.

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