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Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 16 July, 2019

Public notice of the meeting has been given in accordance with Schedule 12, paragraph 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972.
The latest police report for Seamer had been circulated electronically by the Chairman.
Councillor James Bainbridge, Mrs G Taylor (Parish Clerk)
County & District Councillor Bryn Griffiths, District Councillor Bridget Fortune, Councillors Philip Taylor, Doug Forrest, Paul Chapman, Mark Murphy; J Taylor (acting Parish Clerk).

Open Forum

Four members of the community attended. Mr James (Holmleigh, Hilton Road) attended to outline his planning application and seek the approval of the Parish Council. He stated that there were no plans to convert the freestanding garage to living accommodation. The removal of one garage door to be replaced by a window was to allow light into a utility space. Neighbours on both sides have been contacted and have no objections. The Chairman expressed disappointment in HDC for not supplying all the plans however, Councillor Bridget Fortune stated that if she were contacted in future, she would facilitate this. The Chairman agreed to contact Mr James if there were further questions from the Councillors, but in principle they agreed to the planning application. One further comment would be to request HDC not to permit contractors to park on the verges and pavements.  

Further to the cutting of the reeds in the pond, a prepared statement (on file) was read out by Mr and Mrs Winterbotham, requesting that the Parish Council research when the best time was to maintain the pond to protect wildlife. The Parish Council agreed to this request. 

County Councillor Bryn Griffiths reported that he had arranged for a tree root that was damaging the footpath to be removed by NYCC however, this has not been undertaken and has instead been tarmacked over. 

Footpaths in Tame Bridge were discussed. It was stated by County Councillor Griffiths that considerable funding would be needed which was not available in this year’s budget. It was suggested that they might be improved using a lower standard, but acceptable type of construction, should permission be granted in the future to upgrade the footpaths. 

District Councillor Fortune had been sent a request by a resident of Manor Garth concerning a tree on a public footpath that was blocking light to her property. The Chairman agreed to deal with this matter. 

District Councillors Fortune and Griffiths then let it be known that they would be unable to comment on any planning matters as they were both on HDC Planning Committee. 



The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 21 May, 2019 were confirmed as a true record. Councillor Mark Murphy asked about public liability when footpaths were constructed. County Councillor Griffiths stated that if a footpath was approved it would be to NYCC standards and therefore any liability would be covered by them. 



Mr & Mrs Antony James; Holmleigh, Hilton Road, Seamer: Single storey extension to rear of property. No Objection.

Mrs C Connors; Hawthorns, Tame Bridge: Application for reserved matters (considering access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) following outline approval 18/01112/OUT for the construction of a dormer bungalow and formation of new vehicular access. No Objection.



Mr Peter Burn; Moor Farm, Tame Bridge: Change of use of existing brick-built stables adjoining existing dwelling, to form annex and holiday letting. Change existing garage to bedroom. 

Mr Craig Donoghue; Cherry Tree Bungalow, Seamer: Proposed construction of a garage extension. 

Mr & Mrs Ferguson; 9 Hilton Road, Seamer: Proposed extension and alterations to existing bungalow.

Mr T Eaton; OS Field 6300, Tame Bridge: Application for approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for previously approved application 16/02470/OUT.

Armitage; Seamer Hill Farm, Seamer: Application for removal of condition 4 (occupancy to enable use as a permanent, independent dwelling), relating to planning application 14/02360/FUL. (Subject to Planning Committee visit).

Mr & Mrs Campbell; Apple Grove Farm, Seamer: Conversion of former agricultural barns to provide two dwellings. 




Da Silva; Stokesley Used Car Sales, Tame Bridge: Alterations and change of use from Car Sales office to dwelling. Currently at Appeal at Planning Inspectorate. 



  1. a) Village maintenance update. The Chairman reported that tree maintenance work by S Johnson had been much delayed by staffing issues. Philip Wood was publicly thanked for his hard work installing the new benches and noticeboards and for completing work at the village pond. It was also stated that the grass cutting around the village was making the village look very attractive. An article from the Parish Council was published in the Grapevine to this effect. Further to an article in the previous Grapevine by the village gardener (Steve Burton) requesting help in watering tubs the Parish Clerk had also written an article to thank residents who had done so. A resident had questioned why they should be watering tubs when a village gardener was employed – it was noted that extra watering was only required in hot weather.
  2. b) Community Speed Watch update: The latest figures were provided. There were 9 Speed Watches. Of 2267 vehicles; 176 were above the limit, which was approximately 7%, a slight reduction from the last report. It was also noted that there had been no speeds in excess of 50mph during the deployments. Furthermore, the local police were very helpful in dealing with incidents of persistent speeding, bad language and obscene gestures by providing words of advice to the perpetrators.
  3. c) Seamer Parish Community Fund: applications: updates i) Traffic refuge, Tame Bridge. No further information. ii) Gateways, Seamer No further information. iii) Defibrillator pads: Replacement pads have been purchased. It was noted that they need replacing every two years.
  4. d) Report from Climate Change meeting at Stokesley Town Hall: A report was given by Councillor Paul Chapman. A local action group had been set up and Councillor Chapman attended the first meeting. There appeared to be a lot of enthusiasm and many ideas had been put forward. Practical suggestions were to plant a lot more trees locally and look for areas in local communities where wildflower planting could take place. Councillor Chapman was happy to remain involved with this group and would contribute an article for the Grapevine in the future.
  5. e) Report on Village Hall Committee Meeting (July 9, 2019): Councillor M Murphy/Councillor P Taylor reported on the recent meeting. Agenda items included reports from Brian Wake and Village Hall Trustee Ron Kirk on setting up a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). This would help streamline the constitution of the Village Hall Committee and it would no longer be necessary for Trustees to be appointed. County Councillor Bryn Griffiths advised the Parish Hall Committee to contact NYCC Stronger Communities department for advice and help in locating funding streams. Councillor Murphy also noted that some remedial work needed doing on the rendering at the front of the Hall and that there is damp on the walls in the supper room. The Committee had ample funds to carry out the work soon. It was also confirmed that the Village Hall funds were to be apportioned to Designated and Reserved Funds, as recommended by CIOs and the Charity Commission. It was discussed how events can be linked to projects, such as a kitchen extension, so that the community are informed as to the purpose of fundraising. District Councillor Fortune suggested that the Committee might find the MAD Fund helpful for the future. The Parish Council nominated Councillor Murphy as their representative on the Village Hall Committee.



Hambleton Parish Liaison meeting: Thursday 18 July, 2019  

Standards Hearings Panel: Appointment of Parish Council Representative  

Globe Library (by email): thanking Parish Council for its generous donation



Income Wayleave £9.91   VAT return £3,179.15  

Expenditure   pas internal audit fee £72 *pas internal audit fee (Community Fund) £60

YLCA annual membership fee £211  Elliot Consultancy (village tree survey & report) £396

Globe Library £85    PR Taylor (petty cash) £40

S Burton (gardener: shrubs/plants) £163.76 *Ogilvie Engineering £6,804.60

*Primary Care Supplies £168   PW Wood (April/May/June grass cutting) £1,110

Anglian Water £12.56   (*Funded by Community Fund; transferred to reclaim VAT)

Community Fund Zurich Insurance £112 Parish Clerk (expenses) £150

S Burton (gardener) £170   Globe Library (donation) £500



FORTHCOMING MEETING DATES        September 17th     November 19th 

(All meetings have a 7pm start time)  


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