CLERK: Mrs G Taylor. Correspondence to 2 Leconfield, Seamer, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, TS9 5PP. Tel. 01642 711250.

Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 21 May, 2019
Public notice of the meeting has been given in accordance with Schedule 12, paragraph 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972.
The latest police report for Seamer had been circulated electronically by the Chairman.
District and County Councillor Bryn Griffiths
District Councillor Bridget Fortune, Councillors Philip Taylor, Doug Forrest, James Bainbridge, Paul Chapman, Mark Murphy; G Taylor (Parish Clerk).
Open Forum
Three members of the community attended. District Councillor Bridget Fortune brought to the attention of the Parish Council an email from a local Electoral Official about the recent local elections and perceived lack of correspondence and awareness of identity of district councillors. It was noted that the District Councillor is well-known and proactive in the local government constituency area. She is a long-standing resident and has been in the forefront of many campaigns and helping residents and Parish Councils in many different ways. Advice had been given to current Councillors not to be present at Polling stations so as not to be a distraction to voters and officials. It was also noted and agreed by the Parish Council that anonymous comments in such emails should be disregarded as non-factual and based on theoretical hearsay.
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19 March, 2019 were confirmed as a true record.
Mr Craig Donoghue; Cherry Tree Bungalow, Seamer: Proposed construction of a garage extension. GRANTED
Mr & Mrs Ferguson; 9 Hilton Road, Seamer: Proposed extension and alterations to existing bungalow. GRANTED
Mr T Eaton; OS Field 6300, Tame Bridge: Application for approval of reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for previously approved application 16/02470/OUT.
Mr & Mrs Jopling; OS field 0046, Holme Lane, Seamer: Proposal to move an existing agricultural barn from its current location to field 0046.
Mrs J Whitwell; Labman Automation Limited, Tameside Buildings, Seamer: Extension of existing factory building to provide additional space for company expansion.
Armitage; Seamer Hill Farm, Seamer: Application for removal of condition 4 (occupancy to enable use as a permanent, independent dwelling), relating to planning application 14/02360/FUL. (Subject to Planning Committee visit).
Da Silva; Stokesley Used Car Sales, Tame Bridge: Alterations and change of use from Car Sales office to dwelling. Currently at Appeal at Planning Inspectorate.
Mr & Mrs Campbell; Apple Grove Farm, Seamer: Conversion of former agricultural barns to provide two dwellings.
a) Village maintenance update: i) Tree maintenance. This is underway by Stephen Johnson. ii) Benches and noticeboards. These have now been delivered. The noticeboards are lockable and residents will be able to contact the Parish Clerk in order to display notices. One bench is to be sited to the right of the village hall door; one is for the area by the pond and the other for the centre of the village. An additional grass cut is being organised for the main areas of the village to consolidate the first cut, that has now taken place. The loose grass is blown off the mown areas. Pond: Councillor James Bainbridge reported that the reeds are due to be cleared on Sunday 2 June. Councillor J Bainbridge to liaise with Mrs Gill Burton regarding the removal of the reeds. Councillor J Bainbridge to address the additional grass cutting needed in Tame Bridge. Tame Bridge footpath – Councillor Paul Chapman reported that his understanding is that the footpath leading to the ‘T’ junction is to be repaired. A local resident commented on the poor state of the footpath in Tame Bridge. Councillor Mark Murphy raised the issue of the corner by the pond where there is no footpath. A possible solution was to keep the grass very short to encourage pedestrians to use the grass. District Councillor Bridget Fortune supported this, as the alternative would be unsightly and costly. The other alternative would be to seek permission from Mr Jopling to install a short path to link the Labman carpark and the road by the pond.
b) Community Speed Watch update. 15 deployment, 4586 vehicles; 241 above the limit (equivalent to 5.2%). Most vehicles in one hour: 380; highest speed recorded is 63%. Percentage of vehicles travelling between 35-39 mph = 59%; between 40-49 mph = 39%; 50+mph = 2%. Sergeant Ross has been very supportive and this was noted.
c) Seamer Parish Community Fund: applications: updates i) Traffic refuge, Tame Bridge ii) gateways, Seamer Hill, iii) Donation to the Globe Library: agreed that £500 would be donated.
d) Parish Council elections May 2, 2019; all Councillors were welcomed and the continued input of Mr Walter Pattison was also welcomed.
e) HDC Planning Policy: With the permission of Parish Councillors, the Chairman responds to these in liaison with other Councillors as required. The Chairman asked District Councillor Bridget Fortune to look at Debeviane, which overshadows the surrounding properties. It was requested that the Planners visit the property to survey and check the specifications. There is a continuing issue of contractors and private vehicles parking on the verges and pavement. The Chairman asked District Councillor Bridget Fortune to follow this up, as this has already been flagged up with the relevant department.
f) Report on Village Hall Committee Meeting and AGM (May 7, 2019). Councillor Mark Murphy reported back from the meeting. The Memorial Hall Constitution is in urgent need of updating and rewriting as this has not been undertaken since 1999; it was also noted that the funds in hand (approx. £17,000) need to be split into Restricted and Unrestricted Funds, with a 3-year plan to identify usage of the funds. It was also suggested that the local community would appreciate knowing the purpose of raising funds and to what purpose these funds were being put. (i.e. have a target to aim for).
It was further agreed with the Parish Council that the information displayed on noticeboards and articles in the Grapevine magazine should be similar to reports published by Parish Council to ensure parity of information provided by the Village Hall and Parish Council. Councillor Murphy is to address this.
As requested, the Parish Clerk raised the issue of signage relating to Village Hall events being left on telegraph poles etc… well beyond the date of the actual event. The risk of increased litter and unsightliness was noted.
Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman: Councillor Philip Taylor was elected as Chairman; it was agreed that the position of Vice-Chairman would be rotated as required.
HDC election information/paperwork
HDC Grant Application (funds received)
FORTHCOMING MEETING DATES July 16th September 17th November 19th
(All meetings have a 7pm start time)

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