As part of the Country’s Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War (the first Armistice Day), Seamer and Tame Bridge put together a programme of events to take place on the 11th November. It began with a Remembrance Service led by Ron Kirk and Rev Lisa Quarmby from the Methodist Church. 64 people attended, a great turnout, and this was a mixture of traditional Remembrance and personal accounts which had both the solemn and the humour of wartime events. It was very well received by all who attended.
This was followed by a dedication of the lovely Memorial benches provided by The Parish Council and The Poppies which were knitted by residents and their friends and festooned the Memorial Hall – indeed a wonderful tribute to those who gave their life in Wartime.
Lunch followed provided via the Parish Council a time for people to chat about their experiences and general get to know each other.
A Sing-a-long , led by local residents, of wartime songs brought together a spirit of both remembrance and humour as people joined in with the chorus of the songs. It wasn’t a winner of “Britians got Talent” but every-one joined in and made it very enjoyable.
Finally as numbers began to drop a Beetle Drive provided a wartime experience of what it was like to be left at home during conflict. A fitting end to a very emotional, reflective, caring and sharing Day.
Some photographs of the Day below
Remembrance Day 2018
Seamer Village Memorial Hall

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