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Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Public notice of the meeting has been given in accordance with Schedule 12, paragraph 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972.
The latest police report for Seamer had been circulated electronically by the Chairman.

Councillor James Bainbridge

County Councillor Bryn Griffiths, Councillors Philip Taylor, Doug Forrest, Paul Chapman and Mark Murphy. The Parish Clerk, Mrs G Taylor, was also in attendance.

Open Forum
Bryn Griffiths noted ongoing road maintenance in the local area and the advice published regularly from the District regarding Covid-19 regulations and the measures and approach being taken for establishments flouting the regulations. The Planning Panel at Hambleton is due to restart in October.

The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 21 July, 2020 were confirmed as a true record. The Chairman and Councillors remembered local resident Sue Sheilling, who passed away recently. She was a former Parish Clerk and very active in the village.

Woodall; Application for outline planning permission with some matters reserved (considering access) for the construction of four detached bungalows on land opposite Mulberry House on Hilton Road. Objection Lowes; 1, Holme Lane, Seamer: Construction of new self-build dwelling along with extension and alteration of existing building. No objection to extension but concerns raised about self-build.
Mr S Robinson; Pounders Mill, The Green, Seamer: Construction of new domestic double-timber garage.
Mr J Wilkinson; 3, Croft Hills, Tame Bridge: Proposed single-storey side extension, conversion of garage and pitched
roof to dormers.
a) Village maintenance – relevant updates and future developments. The trackway at the Top Green has now been
completed. It was agreed that the contractor would be asked to re-roll it in 6 months. It was noted that there was
a need to ensure that there is no parking on the grass. Subtle signage or small plant tubs were suggested. The
Seamer Hill gateway signs are now erected; the location for them was determined by guidance from NYCC. No
progress yet made on dropping kerbs at Tame Bridge (to be funded by the Parish Council) or traffic islands; Bryn
Griffiths advised re-contacting Darren Griffiths.
i)Tree maintenance on Village Green and Leconfield. The lower branches on the Horse Chestnut on the Green
need attention, as does the laurel on Leconfield, which is blocking the streetlight. Both items were agreed.
ii) Archive storage issues. All the archives are in the loft in the Parish Hall, accessed via a rickety ladder. It was
suggested that more accessible storage should be sought, which could also be used for storage of small machinery.
Cllr Bryn Griffiths suggested storing documents at County Records, for which there is no charge.
iii) Silver Jubilee Bench, Tame Bridge. The green bench needs some renovation. Philip Wood has looked at this
previously and it was agreed that it should be refurbished.
b) Community Speed Watch update/VAS scheme. A joint application with Crathorne and Potto has been
submitted for a grant from the fund promoted by the Police Commissioner, with a view to part-funding of the VAS
scheme. The Community Speed Watch restarted in early July since which time there have been 16 Speed Watches:
3635 cars, 320 above limit (9%). Highest speed recorded was 70mph, which was reported by the Chairman directly
to the local Police Sergeant. Speeds have increased since before the lockdown and those exceeding the limit are
generally above 42mph. This was noted as being of concern.
c) Seamer Parish Community Fund. Various items are outstanding for payment (e.g. traffic island, gateway signs
etc). No new items for consideration. Insurance costs for the Parish have increased, as have costs for grass cutting
in the parish.
d) Village Hall Committee update/Risk Assessment/Constitution (Cllr Mark Murphy). No AGM as yet this year. The
Charity Commission will however, be seeking accounts. A committee meeting was held last week during which a
risk assessment was discussed. Re-opening also depends on costs for cleaning after each use of the hall. The
predominant age group using the hall fall into a high-risk category. Insurance is not a problem. A code of
conduct/risk assessment would be required from each group wishing to use the hall. Another meeting is planned
for 6 October. A temperature sensor is being looked into for the front door however, monitoring and interpretation
of this needs to be discussed. The Constitution is not yet finalised and is still in draft format.
e) Environmental issues within parish (Cllr Mark Murphy). Councillor Murphy noted that muck-spreading had been
taking place over recent weeks and that there had been a period of two weeks in July/August when more flies than
usual had been noted. Two residents had contacted the Parish Council regarding this matter and were advised to
get in touch with Environmental Health. A petition had also been started; this was not sanctioned by the Parish
Council and there were no proven grounds for concern. Environmental Health have visited the area and a clean bill
of health was issued for areas they visited.
f) Local Government reorganisation. County Councillor Bryn Griffiths reported on the proposal for a reorganisation
of local districts into a Unitary authority. Services would be delivered through one organisation rather than via six
authorities. Planning decisions would be devolved (minor local planning applications) and Town and Parish Councils
would also be involved. District Councils were not keen on the idea of one Unitary authority and have proposed
two Unitary authorities, based on the system currently operating in Cornwall. Approximately 90 councillors would
be involved overall. A business plan is awaited and the timescale is not yet confirmed. Some areas do not yet have
Parish Councils and are currently Borough Councils, which would need to be changed. It is likely that Hambleton’s
taxes would increase as they are the lowest in the affected region. Either proposed scheme would make overall
savings. The planned Parish Liaison meeting for 16/9/20 has been cancelled, which was noted as a disappointing
decision. It was agreed that the lack of detailed plans from both parties made any discussion difficult. A minimum
size for an authority would be expected to be around 300,000, with a maximum of 600,000. If this was to go ahead;
elections next May would be postponed until 2022 for the Unitary authority, with a Mayoral election in 2023.
g) Climate Action Group (Stokesley): Councillor Paul Chapman reported that an event is being held at the Town
Hall on Saturday 19 September (10-2pm) to demonstrate the progress made to date.
White Rose weekly updates NALC Chief Executive’s bulletin HDC regular updates
Community First rural news YLCA advice
NYCC Chief Executive weekly bulletin HDC Parish Liaison Meeting 16/9 (cancelled)
NPI (HDC-LDP) dates for investigative meeting: Draft Examination Hearings Programme
P W Wood £780 (grass cutting July/August) YLCA £15 (Village Green Seminar)
Ace Paving £3420 (Top Green roadway) P Hyman £344.85 (3 x flower barrels)
P W Wood £30 (weed killing)
Community Fund
November 17th, 2020 January 19th, 2021 March 16th, 2021
(All meetings have a 7pm start time)

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