CLERK: Mrs G Taylor. Correspondence to 2 Leconfield, Seamer, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, TS9 5PP. Tel. 01642 711250. e:

Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Public notice of the meeting has been given in accordance with Schedule 12, paragraph 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972.
The latest police report for Seamer had been circulated electronically by the Chairman.
District Councillor Bridget Fortune (contactable by phone or email); County Councillor Bryn Griffiths; Councillor Doug Forrest.
Councillors Philip Taylor, Paul Chapman, James Bainbridge, G Taylor (Parish Clerk).
Open Forum
The police report had been received and circulated. It was noted. Two residents attended.
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 21 January, 2020 were confirmed as a true record.
Mr & Mrs Bell; Waterwheel Cattery & Kennels, Stainton Road, Seamer: application for rebuilding of the west section of kennels, existing garage and workshop. No Objections
Mr M Cutler; Barn 2, Low House Farm, Stainton Road, Seamer: Change of use agricultural land to form extended domestic garden curtilage with construction of detached garage.
Moira Routledge; Greenacres, Seamer, TS9 5NQ: Extensions, alteration and construction of garage to Greenacres.
a) Village maintenance – relevant updates: Further updates to email sent to councillors on 25/2/20. VAS signs are now approved by HDC, we are awaiting a response from Crathorne regarding the selection of a sign. Work on the Village green will start on 30 March funded by the Community Infrastructure levy. 
b) Community Speed Watch update: 6 deployments since 22 January; 1828 vehicles recorded, of which 114 were travelling above the speed limit. This gave an average of 6.2%. There will be no speed watches for the foreseeable future due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
c) Seamer Parish Community Fund: No applications. The Chairman had met with Mrs Carolyn Kitching, a resident of Newby and recommended by Bryn Griffiths. Mrs Kitching had been active in the organisation of various community projects in the area and agreed to be appointed as the Community Fund Independent Chairman.
d) Report on Climate Action Group/Funding launch: Councillor P Chapman reported that there had been little progress due to varying circumstances however, he mentioned a scheme to plant trees along suitable sections of the A172.
e) Report on Village Hall Committee Meeting/Grapevine/VE Day: In Councillor M Murphy’s absence, there was no update on these items.
f) Bank Top – this has all been investigated and it has proved difficult to get a decisive answer. It will cost £117 to apply for planning permission. A quote from a local firm has been obtained for £1,580 to take the footpath back 6 inches, put in kerbstones and repair the footpath, making good the tarmac surface of the road. Another company was approached but was unable to quote for the work. At the present time, the Parish Council is unable to fund this work from the Precept and Reserve funds however, partial funding may be possible through a rebate on VAT later this year. The Parish Council will therefore plan this work into the budget for the next financial year in consultation with the Bank Top’s representative, Mrs Sue Sheilling.
g) Risk Assessment: On the advice of the Parish Council insurers, the Parish Clerk had produced a detailed risk assessment regarding the remit of the Parish Council, which includes Finance, Management and Accessibility to Parish Council owned land. This was approved and agreed and the Parish Clerk was thanked for her hard work in this matter.
h) Graham’s Engineering: The owners of the site (Scott Brothers) had contacted the Parish Council, wishing to work with the Parish Council to develop the site for housing. They requested some ideas as to what the Parish Council might wish to see and had stated that their intention was to preserve the exterior of the Old Smithy as it fronted Stokesley Road. Some initial ideas were discussed: Firstly, that any development should enhance the appearance of the village. Secondly, it should be within the present development limit as set out by Hambleton District Council.
Thirdly, that any development should include a percentage of starter homes for first time buyers. The Chairman -1- asked for any other ideas to be presented to him as soon as possible, following which he would make contact with Scott Brothers. 
i) Parish Annual Meeting – the next meeting is scheduled for May 19th; this will include the Annual Parish Meeting
commencing at 7pm, followed by the published Parish Council meeting.
White Rose weekly updates NALC Chief Executive’s bulletin YLCA new website YLCA Hambleton branch meetings NYP reports for parish meetings HDC emergency planning info
Community First rural news Jan/Feb NYCC consultation ‘developer contribution for education’ Increased Seamer Hill traffic NYCC consultation ‘better deal for bus users’ YLCA advice on coronavirus
Village Hall Committee £5760*
DY Maintenance renewal of Village Hall boiler £5760* NYCC traffic refuge £4310.01
Anglia Water Business £22.54 & £3.54 (village pond standing charge)
Community Fund

FORTHCOMING MEETING DATES May 19th (also the Parish Annual Meeting)
July 21st September 15th November 17th (All meetings have a 7pm start time)

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