Seamer Parish Council – Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 18th September, 2018


CLERK: Mrs G Taylor. Correspondence to 2 Leconfield, Seamer, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, TS9 5PP. Tel. 01642 711250.
Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 18th September, 2018
Public notice of the meeting has been given in accordance with Schedule 12, paragraph 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972.
The latest police report for Seamer had been circulated electronically by the Chairman.
District Councillor Bridget Fortune; County Councillor Bryn Griffiths; Councillors P Taylor, Mrs J Bainbridge, D Forrest, Mrs G Taylor (Parish Clerk).
Also in attendance: Sam Hutchinson, Community Mapping Project Office (Dept Police & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire: Julia Mulligan’s office). A member of the local community also attended.
Sam reported to the meeting regarding his role and wish to engage with local communities in order to improve links with the community. Police/crime issues, places of engagement and online channels are key aspects of the role. Location for local surgeries with Julia Mulligan are of interest – Stokesley a possible venue for this. The police report had been forwarded to Sam; with theft and minor break-ins being the most common incident. Strong feelings were expressed on the key issues as detailed below. Farms/quad bikes are also a key target. Identification of suspects (even via CCTV) is problematic and frustrating for local residents. The limited number of police personnel covering a huge local area was highlighted and the lack of police presence viewed as a major issue for residents. Seamer is remotely sited on the border with other counties, providing an opportunity for criminals to elude detection. There are a number of travelling communities which necessitate specific needs and requirements, with the highest density of these residents in the Rudby ward outside of York. Access to such sites for the police is problematic with logistic implications. Within the village itself, the CSW is currently active; the Chair also has a good relationship with the Police Sergeant in Stokesley. The previously thriving Rural Watch, based in Stokesley has now virtually finished due to funding cuts to police officer’s overtime in assisting with this voluntary watch. The Chair had written to the Police & Crime Commissioner earlier in the year and was awaiting a response. It was felt that finances had been diverted to support the fracking protests in North Yorkshire.
Sam reported that police were using funding to try to get ANPR up and running across counties at present, although this needs extending to all roads and in all directions. Ms Mulligan is familiar with rural issues & Sam will put together a report to her about local issues and lack of funding in this area of the county. A copy will be forwarded to the Parish Council. A database is being created by Sam regarding communication with local communities. Sam will forward information in future to the Parish Clerk, who will circulate this out to noticeboards, the website and The Grapevine (parish magazine).
Councillor W Pattison.
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 17th July, 2018 were confirmed as a true record.
The Chair addressed any matters arising. The Parish Clerk will circulate the Santander email to Councillors. It was agreed to remain with Nat West.
Mr & Mrs Bell, Waterwheel Boarding Kennels & Cattery, Well Lane, Seamer: construction of a worker’s dwelling and formation of new vehicular access. (Outline application).
Woodhouse, ‘Ashwynd’, Hilton Road, Seamer: Single storey extension to rear of property + amendment.
Evershed, ‘Debeviane’, Hilton Road, Seamer: Discharge of condition attached to planning consent (construction of replacement dwelling), variation of planning condition attached to planning consent.
Mr Grahame Armitage, Seamer Hill Farm, TS9 5NQ: Retrospective application for the construction of an agricultural building for the storage of agricultural equipment and the purpose of lambing.
Prism Planning Limited, Hawthorns, Tame Bridge: Outline application (Some matters reserved) for a bungalow. This application is subject to an HDC Planning Committee site visit.
The application for a residence on Joplin’s Field on Holme Lane was renewed.
Ferguson, 9 Hilton Road, Seamer: proposed new dwelling.
Mr Da Silva, Stokesley Used Car Sales, Tame Bridge: construction of one detached dwelling house (amended plans). This application was subject to an HDC Planning Committee site visit.
a) Village maintenance update. Concrete has cracked outside village hall; this to be corrected. Verge is very tidy towards Poplar bungalows. The high quality of the tubs were commented on. The village gateways had been positively received and the signage is due to be incorporated this week. The previously agreed competition for a village ‘logo’ was discussed and it was agreed for this to go into the next issue of the Grapevine. Gil Burton is going to organise a work party to address the reeds in the pond.
b) Community Speed Watch update. There have been 5 watches planned (3 of which took place) 794 cars/36 above limit. 4.6% which is a huge improvement.
c) Community Fund applications. An application had been received from the Village Hall Committee to ask for the forthcoming Magic Night to be funded. The application was rejected and the Village Hall Committee have received written communication with the reasons for this decision. It was however, proposed that children’s tickets would be funded if accompanied by a full paying adult. This was discussed and it was agreed that a written policy needs to be added to the Community Fund constitution highlighting criteria for funding.
d) Remembrance Centenary (World War 1). Two commemorative benches and a single seat had been ordered. A further ‘bees and butterflies’ bench had been ordered from the same company for the bank on Stainton Road. It was understood that a Centenary celebration was being organised by the Village Hall committee for Armistice Day.
e) Appointment of gardener. Two people were interviewed earlier in the month and Steve Burton, a village resident was formally appointed as the gardener.
Tame Bridge: lack of a kerb on the LH side before the ‘T’ junction was raised by a resident. County Councillor Bryn Griffiths will follow this up, as Highways had previously said that this would be reinstated. The other aspect raised was the junction itself, where vehicles cut the corner. An island at the junction would be the solution, this will not be funded by North Yorkshire and would need to be funded from the Community Fund. The cost would be £5,000. It was proposed to get a detailed costing (i.e. does it include lighting etc, will North Yorkshire maintain it?) and that this should be done asap, especially with new housing being constructed nearby.
HDC Parish Liaison Meeting, 22.11.18
YLCA papers via email
P Chapman, Tame Bridge issues
Clerk’s expenses (1.4.18-30.9.18): £150 P Wood, grass cutting (July, Aug, Sept): £1,110
Tindall’s DIY: £45.37 Wave (water bill): £12.56
FORTHCOMING MEETING DATES 20th November 15th January (2019) 19th March
21st May (also APM) 16th July 17th September 19th November

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