CLERK: Mrs G Taylor. Correspondence to 2 Leconfield, Seamer, Stokesley, Middlesbrough, TS9 5PP. Tel. 01642 711250.
Minutes of the meeting held Tuesday, 21 January 2020
Public notice of the meeting has been given in accordance with Schedule 12, paragraph 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972.
The latest police report for Seamer had been circulated electronically by the Chairman.
County Councillor Bryn Griffiths, District Councillor Bridget Fortune
Councillors Philip Taylor, Paul Chapman, Doug Forrest, James Bainbridge, Mark Murphy; G Taylor (Parish Clerk).
Open Forum
Two members of the community attended. Two PCSO officers from Stokesley attended prior to the Open Forum. In advance of the Open Forum, the PCSOs answered questions related to the police report. A member of the community raised an issue regarding a tree on the verge between the Bank Top footpath and Stainton Road. Parking on Hilton Road between Stainton Road junction and Bank Top was raised as an issue. The Chairman explained that NYCC had visited this site in January 2019 and indicated that because of financial pressures, it would not be possible to cut back the verge to allow vehicles to park off the main roadway.
The Chairman had contacted Paul Staines from HDC and followed up the issue of the bins in the village. All bins were replaced however the bin adjacent to the church is awaiting removal and the surface underneath the bin to be tarmacked. This will occur whenever other tasks in the village can be completed at the same time by the Council. Lack of funds is preventing progress on footpaths in Tame Bridge and it will be April at the earliest before any action is taken.
The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19 November, 2019 were confirmed as a true record.
Mr M Cutler; Barn 2, Low House Farm, Stainton Road, Seamer: Change of use agricultural land to form extended domestic garden curtilage with construction of detached garage. NO OBJECTION
Moira Routledge; Greenacres, Seamer, TS9 5NQ: Extensions, alteration and construction of garage to Greenacres. NO OBJECTION
Mr & Mrs Cook; Springwell Nurseries, Stainton Road, Seamer: Outline planning application with all matters reserved for the creation of 5 residential development plots.
Mr Michael Driscoll; Penny Farthing Cottage, 16 The Green, Seamer: Extension to kitchen, extending garage converting to garden room and new detached garage.
Land adjacent to Stonewold, Stainton Road: Proposed dwelling to be named ‘Tanglewold’.
5 MATTERS FOR DISCUSSION a) Village maintenance – relevant updates: Tree work, Holme Lane: trees have been cut back by Mark Joplin. Thanks were expressed to Mr Joplin. Village pond water meter: an increased bill had been received in December. It transpired that a new meter had been installed, but this has still to be located. Fence on Leconfield – this has been repaired by Philip Wood, who has also completed various tasks; including the renovation of a wooden bench. Rotovator – the purchase of a second hand rotovator was discussed and this will be researched by the Chairman. This purchase will save money on hiring rotovators in the future. Gateway signs – the current contractor is struggling to do these and will finish his contract in June, when Philip Wood will take over the task. Traffic refuge – part of this has been damaged. The Chairman has inspected this with NYCC. The cost of replacement/repair is £150, so this is to be left for now and the Chair has enquired about joining an insurance scheme with NYCC.
b) Community Speed Watch update – the Chairman recapped on the historical aspect of the CSW, which has to take place on Hilton Road. The Police Speedbike attends in other areas. 4 speedwatches since the last meeting. 1020 cars, 73 were over the limit (7%). No vehicle was travelling at more than 47mph. VAS scheme with Crathorne – if this goes ahead, it would be ideal for use in Tame Bridge. The Chairman will continue discussions to share the VAS. Tame Bridge – traffic refuge: a resident has reported seeing vehicles taking the junction on the wrong side of the road. The kerb is to be dropped.
c) Seamer Parish Community Fund – an application from the Grapevine has been received. The funding for this will come from the Precept.
d) Report on Climate Action Group – this has generated interest from a number of villages and sub-groups are looking at various issues and funding streams. Councillor Chapman is a member of the Environment Group, which is focusing on tree planting and wildflower schemes. A botanist has volunteered to look at the starting point in the village. It was suggested that Councillors Chapman and Taylor should meet with her and arrange a time to survey the village. MAD fund application: Councillor P Chapman and the Parish Clerk reported that an application has been submitted to assist in the planting of three areas of wildflowers and trees.
e) Report on Village Hall Committee Meeting: Councillor M Murphy reported that a meeting had taken place on 2nd December at which progress on the constitution had been made. The deeds of the hall have not yet been located. Christmas workshops were planned and various events taken place. Attendance at the cinema screening had been low but another film is planned. Councillor Murphy was asked to submit a report for the next issue of the Grapevine.
f) Bank Top – we are still awaiting confirmation of the legal situation regarding this issue. Bank Top belongs to the Parish Council who have charge of it on behalf of the community. A new notice will be required, setting out the legal situation of the land. Cost effectiveness needs to be considered if any further action is to be taken. A legally approved letter needs to be generated to go to residents to clarify legal vehicular access. The Chairman has made the estate agents aware of the situation, as one of the houses is for sale.
g) Hillside Close, Seamer (agency meeting 16/1/20). The Chairman attended a meeting of NYCC, HDC and Horton Housing. Residents on the site are transient, which creates many issues for the management company. Eviction is problematic due to the harsh legal protection given to minority groups. Hambleton are ready with an enforcement order, should this be needed. Horton Housing plan for: A locked bin store, 24-hour CCTV, increased number of visits by the maintenance team, whole site to be tidied up plus a permit as a contractor to take waste to the tip. HDC have been very proactive and supportive.
h) Report on Planning Seminar (20/1/20): this was attended by Councillors Taylor and Murphy. Procedures were discussed at the seminar and Councillor Taylor has requested plans to be sent electronically. The Chairman noted the efficiency of the planning systems in place at HDC.
i) Grapevine articles and funding – articles from Councillor Chapman (Climate Action Group) and the Parish Clerk to be included. Councillor Murphy to write a similar report for the Village Hall Committee.
j) Village green: adjacent entries – a resident had asked about maintenance of this area. Again, this land is common land, owned by the Parish Council. It is a similar situation to Bank Top. As the damage needs repair, the Chairman has sought an estimate to repair the road. This is expected to be in the region of £2,500 for compacted stone. A legally approved letter will need to be sent to residents in this area as well. It may be that a fence is needed to protect the grassed area.
Councillor Forrest requested that the signage for the bulbs should be re-installed as the plants are starting to grow.
To note: Correspondence via email already circulated
NYCC Grass cutting contribution 2019/20 £324.26
P Taylor (plants for tubs) £22.96 NYCC (salt bin filling) £270
A Thomas (Christmas activities: children) £60
Community Fund
S Burton (Gardener) £160 B Jowers (Gateway cleaning) £300
P Wood (Fencing, various tasks) £465 Parish Clerk, G Taylor (expenses) £150
FORTHCOMING MEETING DATES March 17th May 19th (also the Parish Annual Meeting)
July 21st September 15th November 17th
(All meetings have a 7 pm start time)

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