Seamer Parish Council update

The November meeting commenced with an Open Forum, attended by four members of the community to discuss a request made for the waste bin to be removed from outside the parish church. The footpath near the junction in Tame Bridge was also discussed. Within the main meeting agenda, planning applications were noted, including those current and granted. Village maintenance issues were discussed, and the completion of grass maintenance noted. The Chair gave feedback on the recent sixteen CSW (Speed Watch) deployments and an approach from Crathorne regarding VAS signage. The traffic island at Tame Bridge is now installed. Councillor Mark Murphy (Village Hall Committee) reported that the November meeting of the Committee had been postponed until December. A full report would be given at the next PC meeting and an update in the Grapevine. The Parish Council agreed that the Precept for 2020 would remain at its current level. Discussions regarding Bank Top were continuing, with advice awaited from HDC, NYCC and YLCA. District Councillor Bridget Fortune noted that grant applications for the HDC ‘Make a Difference’ fund could now be submitted, with the closing date being early January. The Parish Clerk to follow this up. Ongoing issues with fly-tipping at Hillside Close were noted and discussed. There were no applications to the Community Fund.
Minutes of this meeting are displayed on the noticeboards and on the website. An update from the January Parish Council meeting will appear in the next Grapevine. The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Tuesday 17 March, 2020. As always, residents are welcome to attend.
Residents can access information about Parish Council and Community Fund matters in the following ways:
a) Attendance at the bimonthly Parish Council meetings, details of which are publicised in various locations: e.g. Parish Council noticeboards, website.
b) The Grapevine, where articles are regularly published.
c) Parish Council minutes; these are displayed on noticeboards and on the website.
d) By attendance at the Pop-In on Monday mornings, which Parish Council members attend whenever possible. If there are any points that need clarification, these will be fed back to the main PC meetings.
e) Residents are able to contact the Parish Council via email or telephone to discuss any matters that are of concern to them.
All matters concerned with the Community Fund are discussed as an agenda item at Parish Council meetings. Any residents who attend form part of the discussion and all viewpoints are taken into consideration when making a final decision.
Philip Taylor, Chair of the Parish Council
Email: (Parish Clerk)
Seamer Parish Council encompasses Seamer and Tame Bridge.

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