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Who would think when driving through the sleepy rural village of Seamer that it would be the base of a cutting edge tech company, Labman manufacture bespoke robotic solutions for many industrial, laboratory and medical applications, working with customers worldwide to produce world class automated solutions. The article below taken from their own website is about a local Seamer resident getting the opportunity to check it all out for himself!


It was our pleasure to welcome Alan Briggs to Labman. Alan and his wife Win have lived in Seamer for eleven years and since Labman became a neighbour, Alan has always been very interested in ‘what’s going on at the site of the old window factory?’ So when George Carter, founder and director of the business, offered to show him round Alan readily accepted.

It is fair to say that the ‘old window factory’ has developed in to one of the most high-tech factories in the country. A place where robots are designed and built for export around the world, there is even a Labman robot in the Arctic Circle.

Jo Batey, another Seamer resident and employee at Labman, adds ‘It was great for Alan to meet the team and be properly shown around by George. As an ex-engineer Alan is genuinely interested in the work and all the improvements to the building. George is naturally passionate about what he has achieved with the company, taking the best of everything he’s seen over his career and putting it in to one very modern business.

There are for example no offices at Labman, everyone is encouraged to know what’s going on, from the apprentices (of which Labman have five) to top management. People work hard and play hard too. There is a full-size climbing wall and go-kart track. Everything contributes to the success of the business and making it a special place to work. This is shown in the order book which is currently eighteen months ahead.

The site, which even has an orchid of special scientific interest, has most certainly put Seamer on the map. Alan agrees adding “I’ve enjoyed being up close to what I’ve only ever really seen on TV”. The occasion was toasted with a glass of champagne, though Alan would not be encouraged up the climbing wall!

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A visit to Labman (based in Seamer)
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