I have been made aware of door to door scams being conducted in Seamer and neighbouring villages. The scam takes the form of a door to door salesman with a young man offering items from his sports bag for sale. The young man shows you a laminated card, he tells a sad story and asks for you to buy his wares as it will get him accommodation, etc. It appeals to us as we all like to help those less fortunate, but it is very hard to validate the information. The prices for the very basic pound shop type items he offers are extortionate, but I am sure many people will buy them as not to disappoint him. He is polite, if pushy and even gets people to write about him in a little book he has if they are willing to. His character changes though if he is disappointed and doesn’t get a sale, becoming more intimidating and potentially aggressive. I am concerned that he may knock at the door of elderly people or people living alone who would find it difficult to be able to say no to him, and some who can certainly not afford such scams at times when money is needed for heating and feeding themselves. Forewarned is forearmed however, so if he comes to your door be aware he will want to leave with quite a bit of your money for items you neither wanted or needed.

Scam Alert
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