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The revival of Seamer produce show has proved to be a huge success. It is eight years since the last Seamer Show and Seamer Village Hall committee members decided to re-introduce the produce section as a show in the village hall.

There were more than two hundred and fifty entries in classes for flowers and vegetables to paintings and the largest weed. The quality of the exhibits was extremely high and the show organiser, Margaret Smith, was delighted with the number of people that had entered and making the hall look magnificent for visitors to see.

On a glorious summer afternoon the children enjoyed sports on the green and everyone was asked to judge the five scarecrows taking up residence in the Methodist church garden, with Tigger the winner.

The home made refreshments and tombola were very popular and more than £200 has been raised for the village hall funds.

Trophy winners

Fruit and vegetables

Springwell Nurseries Challenge Cup – J Hutchinson

Seamer Show Trophy – J Hutchinson


J Hart Horticultural Trophy – Margaret Smith

Single Rose Trophy – Janet Bainbridge

Produce and baking

Seamer Village Hall Challenge Cup – Christine Cooper

Trophy for best fruit cake – Katy Nichols


Seamer Show Trophy – Katy Nichols


Seamer Show Shield – Margaret Smith


Camera Marts Shield – Christine Campy


Seamer Village Hall 75th Anniversary Trophy – Jake White



All entries to be put in the Hall BETWEEN 10.30 and 12.00 noon apart from the Scarecrows which can be displayed in the Chapel Garden from Saturday noon, enabling them to be judged by YOU the public.

Entries to be removed at 4.30 on the show day.

Adults £1 Children 50p
Free entry for those with over 3 exhibits.
Free entry to traditional Children’s Sports day
at 3 p.m. sponsored by Seamer Methodist Chapel.


There is one inserted in the August Grapevine. Copies are available from Christine Cooper and Margaret Smith or they can be downloaded by clicking here
Any problems contact:
Christine Cooper, tel., 01642 710294 or
Margaret Smith 01642 710611
Forms to be returned with a cheque to:
Christine Cooper, Lowfields Farm, Seamer, TS9 5NB or
Margaret Smith, 4 Brackenhill Walk, Seamer, TS9 5NN by Wednesday 2nd of September.
Classes 1 to 102 – 50 p per entry.
Prizes: 1st, £1.50: 2nd, £1.00: 3rd, 50p.
Classes with less than four entries – at the judge’s discretion – only one prize may be given.
There are Trophies for some of the classes.
Children’s Classes 103 to 117 – 20 p per entry
(Children’s names and ages to be written on the reverse of
the entry).
Prizes: 103 to 106 – Rosettes and Goody Bag.
107 to 110 – Rosettes and Goody Bag.
111 to 117 – 1st, 75p: 2nd, 50p: 3rd, 30p
1. 3 Onions grown from seed – undressed 16. 3 Carrots
2. 3 Onions grown from sets – dressed 17. 1 Parsnip
3. Single heaviest Onion – top cut off 18. 1 Cauliflower or Calabrese head
4. 6 Shallots 19. 3 Tomatoes
5. 1 Head of lettuce 20. 1 Truss of Tomatoes
6. 1 Cabbage (round) 21. 1 Truss of Cherry Tomatoes
7. 1 Cabbage (pointed) 22. Heaviest Tomato
8. 3 Globe Beetroot 23. 3 Sticks of Rhubarb
9. 3 Potatoes any variety 24. 3 Cooking Apples
10. 2 Courgettes 25. Any other fruit
11. 1 Cucumber 26. Jug of Herbs
12. 6 Pods of Peas 27. Tray of 5 Vegetables
13. 6 Pods of Broad Beans (one of each variety)
14. 6 Pods of Runner Beans 28. Misshapen fruit or Vegetable
15. 6 Pods of Kidney Beans 29. Home-grown Salad displayed on a plate
Some Vegetables may need to be displayed on benches down the side of the Village Hall
30. Single Rose – Specimen Bloom 39. 3 Pom Pom Dahlias under 2ins
31. Rose – 1 stem Floribunda 40. 1 Dahlia – any size or variety
32. Vase of mixed Garden Flowers 41. 1 Gladioli
33. Vase of Foliage (no Berries) 42. Most unusual flower

34. Single Leaf 43. Single Bloom & single Vegetable

35. Flowering Pot Plant 44. Gents Buttonhole
36. Foliage Pot Plant 45. 3 Pansies
37. 6 Sweet Peas 46. A Patio Planter – not exceeding
38. 5 Flowers of one Variety 12ins base
47. An arrangement in a cup and saucer
48. An arrangement using 3 flowers, can include Foliage.
49. An arrangement in something other than a Vase.
50. Holiday time
51. 1 Jar Jam (any variety) 59. Chocolate Cake
52. 1 Jar of Marmalade 60. Gluten Free Cake
53. 1 Jar of Lemon Curd 61. 4 Almond slices
54. 1 Jar of Chutney 62. 4 Ginger Biscuit (rolled)
55. 4 Cheese Scones 63. Apple Pie (Shortcrust)
56. 1 Half pound Fruit Cake 64. 4 Cup Cakes
57. 1 Lemon Meringue Pie 65. Date and Walnut Loaf
58. 1 Breadmaker Loaf 66. 1 Quiche
67. 3 Brown Eggs 70. 3 White Eggs
68. 1 Brown Egg 71. 1 White Egg
69. 1 Coloured Egg (natural) 72. 1 decorated Egg
74. 1 Hand knitted Adult Garment 85. Hand made Box
75. 1 Childs garment 86. Item of Embroidery not on even weave fabric
76. 1 Baby’s garment 87. Patchwork (large)
77. Handmade pincushion 88. Patchwork (small to
78. Tapestry medium)
79. Any Embroidery worked on an 89. Crochet
Even weave fabric 90. Painting from
unscheduled media
80. Hand made Greetings Card 91. Painting, Oil or Acrylic,
81. Gift Wrapped Parcel 92. Watercolour Painting
82. Item of Beadwork 93. Monochrome Drawing
83. Item of Jewellery 94. Portrait (any media)
84. Any Handicraft not in Schedule 95. Print from a picture (State Craft and size) painted on a Tablet
Handicrafts will be marked on the level of skills demonstrated, suitability of materials used, use of colour, design and originality.
Unmounted – no larger than A5
96. Glorious Nature 99. Humorous
97. My Garden 100. That was a Great Holiday
98. Portrait
101. Named Scarecrow. Voting slips will be allocated on entry to hall. Please vote by posting your completed slip into post box on the Methodist Chapel wall.
102. Largest Weed
Note: Name and Age to be written on the back of Entry.
Pre School and Nursery
103. Painting or Drawing 105. Collage or 3D Picture
104. Small model 106. Sunflower (grown) Reception, Year 1 & 2
107. Painting or Drawing 109. Collage or 3D Picture
108. 3D Model 110. Teddy dressed as Robin Hood  Years 3, 4, 5, & 6.
111. Painting or Drawing 113. Any Craft not scheduled
112. Model, Painted Mask or tile 114 . 4 Cup cakes Years 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11
115. Design & Technology product 117. Photograph “Best
116. Collage Friends”
(Work done at School is eligible for this section)
Anyone who will be away for the event, but would like to enter, should contact either Christine Cooper or Margaret Smith.


Help will be needed with stewarding, Tombola prizes, serving tea and coffee, baking for the afternoon refreshments and Sponsorship.
Please contact either :
Christine Cooper
tel: 01642710294 e-mail:
Margaret Smith
tel:- 01642710611 e-mail:


Download the schedule to keep or print


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