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Minutes of the Meeting held at Seamer Memorial Hall on Tuesday, 20th September 2022

1)             NOTICE OF MEETING

Public notice of the meeting has been given in accordance with Schedule 12, paragraph 10 (2) of the Local Government Act 1972. 


Councillors Mark Murphy and James Bainbridge sent their belated apologies.

3)             IN ATTENDANCE

District Councillor Bridgette Fortune, Councillors Maureen Marshall, (Acting Chair), Jayne Kendall, Parish Clerk Glenn McGill. Christine Cooper, Mathew Nicholls and Jane McGill were in attendance as members of the public.

This meant that the meeting was not quorate as the Parish Council is still one Councillor short and only two Councillors were in attendance.

4)             MINUTES

The minutes of the meeting held at Seamer Memorial Hall on Tuesday 19th July 2022 were confirmed as a true record and agreed by those present.

5)             VILLAGE MATTERS

It was noted that the village pond hadn’t looked good this summer due, in part, to alien duckweed, which had taken over and was covering most surface areas. This was in spite of the availability of a Management Plan. It was agreed that the hay bale, intended to control the weed, was starting to rot and needed to be removed. Action: Councillor James Bainbridge. For next year, the Committee agreed to take a more pro-active role to try to manage the pond more effectively in accordance with the Management Plan. It was further mooted that solar panels and pumps might work as a management tool to oxygenate the water and the Clerk agreed to investigate this possibility Action: Clerk.

District Councillor Bridget Fortune mentioned that she was pleased to support the provision of a new bus shelter on that part of the Village Green where school children wait for the school bus, which was an idea for the community fund. This was then discussed further under the Community Fund agenda item below.

Matthew Nicolls provided a narrative about his planning application, detailed below, which is pending. Overall, during discussions about the matter, there was a mix of views and the Parish Council response to the District Council needed to reflect these views. It was noted that Mr Nicolls had experienced a range of views from local residents, some positive and others decidedly unpleasant. He advised that he had experienced trespass, but that he would be happy to show interested parties how he was manging his holding and discuss any matters of concern with them. The Committee thanked Mr Nicolls for his attendance and agreed to respond to the Local Planning Authority Action: Parish Clerk. 


Ref: 22/02119/CAMP – Rural Roots – Notification for operation of a certified exempt camping and caravan site under paragraphs 4 and 5 of the first schedule, Caravan Site and Control Act 1960 and paragraph 6 of section 269 of the Public Health Act 1936 – Land To The East Of Bridleway Farm Seamer North Yorkshire.

Ref: 22/02030/FUL – Mr Lewis Pearce – First floor extension to create 2nd storey and the construction of a single storey rear extension – Braecroft Tame Bridge Stokesley Middlesbrough – No objections.

22/01941/FUL | Application for change of use of agricultural land to equestrian for a proposed Stable Block, Barn and Hardstanding (Part Retrospective) | Land To The Rear Of Lipperbruch OS Field 3100 Tame Bridge Stokesley – No objections.


22/01668/MRC – Variation of conditions attached to Planning Application Reference Number: 76/0609/FUL (2/128/36/PA)-Construction of An Agricultural General Purpose Storage Building | Land and Buildings At Tanton Road Seamer – previous enforcement action pursuant to application 21/01847/MRC.


Ref: 22/00186/DCN – Z. Keightley-Smith – Discharge of conditions attached to Planning Consent 22/00186/FUL-Construction of a 2 storey rear extension- Approved 5th September 2022.

Ref: 22/01783/FUL – Richard Jackson – Relocation of driveway access to front of property – Sandall Rise Stainton Road Seamer. Approved 8th September 2022.


At the previous meeting, Annual Governance issues had been discussed including the Annual Governance Statement and Accountability Return and Accounting Statements.

The VAT return still had to be completed by proper contact with HMRC to ascertain whether they would accept a manual return not completed using bespoke software they were insisting had to be used for the purpose.  Action Councillor Marshall.


7a)  Police – The police again did not send a representative to the meeting, but Christine Cooper noted that the Police representative had again attended the drop in session at the Village Hall, although no report was made available for the meeting.

7b) Financial update and banking matters – Councillor Maureen Marshall provided a brief update on accounts and funding. Current balances stand at £26,014.37.37 (Community) £2899.75 (Bus Reserve) £4,015.69 (Current).

Financial statements since the last meeting were as follows:


30.08.22    £326.26     NYCC Grass Cutting Contribution

30.08.22    £2464.77   Community Windfarm Fund Instalment


20.07.22    £302.59     Village Gardener

20.07.22    £402.00     Village Jubilee

07.08.22    £200.00     Grapevine Subsidy

12.08.22    £215.00     Village Gardener

13.09.22    £50.00       Queens Death Floral Tribute

15.09.22    £13.84       Water Bill

7c) Proposed Private Road widening Seamer.– as noted at the previous meeting, a previous planning application had been approved for this work and a representative was again supposed to have attended to explain what possible benefits the scheme might deliver, bearing in mind that it might encourage parking on an already narrow private road and may not deliver wider community benefits that were required for the Parish Council to commit funds.  Another conundrum seems to be that the price tendered was deemed no longer acceptable by the proposed contractor because of increases in materials prices and when asked to retender, he hasn’t done so, when advised the Parish Council would need another three quotes.

7d) Parking Issue at The Green, Seamer – This matter affects common land as some local residents continued to park on the access links to and from the highway thereby precipitating a highway safety problem for other residents and potentially blocking ingress and egress by emergency vehicles. This is in spite of available alternative parking provision at the rear of these properties. The Clerk had hand delivered letters to three properties and had experienced a very aggressive approach from one of the residents, which was noted by the meeting. The Clerk had also spoken with another of these residents, who seemed to indicate that he would comply. However, two vehicles are still regularly parked on the Village Green and so two of the residents clearly do not wish to park elsewhere. In addition, Councillor Marshall reported that the previous Chair had written to the same residents 2 years ago, but they had evidently also ignored the letters at the time.  The District Council had been approached for a legal opinion but deflected the matter to the Police and the Highway Authority, which would be the next course of action, as well as another article in the next version of ‘The Grapevine’ to report the problem. Action: Parish Clerk/Councillor Marshall.

7d) Village Maintenance Issues – It was noted that village maintenance issues previously reported had been attended to, including attendance to the drain cover near the Leconfield junction and grass/vegetation maintenance in two locations. District Councillor Bridget Fortune Had reported on the practicalities and legalities of maintaining private bins requested in two locations in the Parish, which led the committee to consider that this may not be an issue to devote further time to presently.

7e) Community Fund Projects – By way of update, various potential projects with wider community benefits were discussed having all been agreed in principle at previous meetings

Children’s school bus shelter – District Councillor Bridget Fortune advised that she would like to contribute a sum of around £2000 from her District Council community budget to support this project. Approximately £3000 more would be required to deliver it from the Community Fund (plus modest additional amounts for surveys, landscape design and contractors’ costs to relocate the existing seat, bin and Public Right of Way sign). Councillor Fortune was thanked for her support, and it was welcomed by the meeting, with a request for another Councillor to support after the meeting (subsequently given by Councillor Mark Murphy). District Councillor Fortune would be in touch regarding completion of the necessary paperwork: Action Parish Clerk.

Seamer Hill Highway Safety Project – It was noted that correspondence had been received from Labman about this matter and the danger reported affecting its staff on Seamer Hill. It may also be that Labman might help support this project. A meeting was required with Labman to brief them on ideas, feasibility and costs: Action Parish Clerk & Councillor Murphy as per previous discussions.

Village Hall Photovoltaic Panels – the Parish Clerk had attended a meeting with the Village Hall Committee to put forward the idea of panels to make savings on high energy bills, which was supported, in principle. The Clerk explained that a battery would allow power to be released in evenings when the hall was most used and the idea of electric vehicle charging may also be possible. A contact was given at Analec in Stokesley who may be able to assist, although two other companies had already been contacted to date.

Village Pond – The Community Fund had been accessed to provide a Management Plan but it was management that needed to be addressed in future, including treatment of invasive duckweed. Again, PV panels and solar pumps could oxygenate the water and this idea would be followed up.

7f) Current Parish Councillor vacancy – This matter continued to be problematic and no expressions of interest had been received. If the Clerk role could be filled, then the Acting Clerk may be able to become a Councillor subject to being voted in.

7g) Clerk role – Jane McGill who was in attendance agreed to help by taking on the Clerk role, supported by Councillor Maureen Marshall on financial matters. As with item 7f above, this would be a matter for the next meeting.

7h) Council Reorganisation – Councillor Bridget Fortune provided a brief update on this matter, including her extended duties due to the proposed increase in size of her ward.

7i) Village Hall Committee – Councillor Mark Murphy had been unable to attend so an update was not available.

7j) VAS: update and deployment – No update available.

7k) Community Speed Watch – No update available.

7l) Seamer Parish Community Fund request – The Magic Night (7/10/22) which had been discussed before, qualified for support from the Community Fund. The meeting supported it subject to the agreement of another Councillor (Councillor Mark Murphy agreed this after the meeting).

7m) Tree Planting Update – Vic Brown was unable to attend the meeting, but support had been given previously for funding tree guards from the Community Fund.

7n) PC Website – This was now operational again after changes in personal details by the operator.

7p) Community Gardener Planter Maintenance – Councillor Marshall was sorting this out, including how many were in the Parish, where they were and who might be helping to water them.


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9)               FORTHCOMING MEETING DATES       Next meeting is on November 15th 2022 and then January 17th 2023, 14th March 2023, 16th May 2023.

(All meetings have a 7pm start time and will be held in Seamer Village Hall)

SEAMER PARISH COUNCIL – Minutes of the Meeting held at Seamer Memorial Hall on Tuesday, 20th September 2022

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