An invitation was issued in January via the Village Hall Committee for the village to send a representative team to participate in the Tees Valley Village Halls Network quiz tournament – an annual competition. As previous winners of our own village quiz, we accepted the invitation, assembled a team of five and made our way to Middleton-St-George Community Hall in mid-March. It was an excellent quiz, with something for everybody and with interesting twists to several rounds, where answers linked to each other and common threads had to be spotted. The final round was a true ‘decider’ round. Several teams, including ourselves, were neck and neck, but this round, based on scoring points for correct answers – however, losing all points if an answer was wrong – was a true gamble. Fortunately our gambles paid off and no-one was more surprised than us when we were announced as the winners and were invited up to receive the Tees Valley Shield! Well done to the Seamer team who were comprised of 3 members of the Taylor family and 2 of the Murphy family.  A real team effort! As victors, we will be hosting the Tees Valley Network quiz next March.  
G Taylor


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